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Help us Connect the Dots!

Wondering how to give back and be a part of a transformative movement to help your local ecosystems? Help us create connections and find individuals and organizations whose mission aligns with ours and that will make a difference for our members and create lasting change—whether it is as local as plant sales or as impactful as helping craft legislation. 


Create an Impact

We are looking for talented people who have skills in Marketing, PR, social media and more, with your time and commitment going towards making Wild Ones Greater Baltimore an even better organization. The more people we have driving this engine, the more impact we can have in the community, whether it is through events or partnering with other organizations to work on a public garden project.

Join Wild Ones Greater Baltimore as a Volunteer

We are thrilled that you are considering volunteering for us! Please use the form below to indicate your level of interest and scope of the volunteer time you would like to contribute.

We urgently need to fill the following openings for volunteers:

  • Events Coordinator (lead)
  • Events scout (bring ideas, contact potential hosts and speakers)
  • Volunteer coordinator

We also would love to fill the following positions:

  • Newsletter (write articles, submit interesting/ relevant links)
  • Event Photographer
  • Facebook moderator
  • Social Media coordinator (increase our presence on additional platforms)
  • Website (help add info)
  • Outreach (contact like-minded organizations)
  • Tabling Events volunteer
  • Thank speakers and hosts (note of appreciation and/or gift)
  • Fundraising coordinator
Volunteer Interest Form
Let us know what interests you!
We host two monthly meetings – 1) Board meeting is held at 7pm-8pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month 2) Meet and Greet meeting is held at 7pm-8:30pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month Will your schedule allow you to be a part of these recurring meetings?

Not yet ready to volunteer? Consider becoming a member or check out our events.