News, Reviews & Member Musings

News, Reviews & Member Musings

Joe O’Connor and the Harford Road Green Team

by Lauren Matthews ✎ When people think of road medians, they often think of a barren space littered with trash and weeds. Thanks to the efforts of our member Joe O’Connor and the Harford Road Green Team, the Harford Road median in Lauraville is now a thriving ecosystem full of native plants. Joe organized a […] Continue reading "Joe O’Connor and the Harford Road Green Team"

Adding Winter Habitat

by Nan Wray ✎ Wild Ones Greater Baltimore was excited to have the opportunity to host a winter habitat talk by Wildlife and conservation biologist Dr. Shaun McCoshum. So often native gardeners will focus on the nectar-providing services of the flowering trees, shrubs and plants of their gardens; however, so many species can benefit from […] Continue reading "Adding Winter Habitat"

Winter Sowing Workshop with Vinaya Frank

by Marian Marbury ✎ USDA Definition: Winter sowing is a propagation method used throughout the winter, where temperate climate seeds are sown into vented containers and placed outdoors to foster naturally timed, high percentage germination of climate-tolerant seedlings. On a cold and rainy Saturday morning, 38 hearty native plant enthusiasts found their way to Valley […] Continue reading "Winter Sowing Workshop with Vinaya Frank"

A Haven for All Seasons—Touring Nancy Lawson’s Garden Habitat 

by Nan Wray ✎ Deep into summer, as late-season flowers were calling to pollinators everywhere, a small group of native plant enthusiasts excitedly gathered in the driveway of a property that was sure to enchant—that belonging beloved author of the Humane Gardener and Wildscape, Nancy Lawson. Lawson graciously agreed to open up her own garden […] Continue reading "A Haven for All Seasons—Touring Nancy Lawson’s Garden Habitat "

Kollar Nursery, a Northern Maryland Ecological Oasis

by Miska Redmond ✎ MEMBERS AND FRIENDS of Wild Ones Greater Baltimore had the honor of touring Kollar Nursery at summer’s end. The family has owned and operated Kollar since 1985. Located in rural Harford County near the Pennsylvania border, the nursery is the brainchild of an exceptionally knowledgeable and ecologically minded family. Started by […] Continue reading "Kollar Nursery, a Northern Maryland Ecological Oasis"

How Swamp Milkweed benefits a variety of pollinators

by Anne Gneo ✎ DURING THE SUMMER OF 2023, observing the diversity of life taking advantage of the resources provided by Asclepias incarnata (swamp milkweed) became a daily activity. Every day brought new discoveries. The swamp milkweed emerged as the weather warmed in spring, continuing to grow to 4-5 feet and blooming in mid-June. The […] Continue reading "How Swamp Milkweed benefits a variety of pollinators"