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Adding Winter Habitat

by Nan Wray ✎ Wild Ones Greater Baltimore was excited to have the opportunity to host a winter habitat talk by Wildlife and conservation biologist Dr. Shaun McCoshum. So often native gardeners will focus on the nectar-providing services of the flowering trees, shrubs and plants of their gardens; however, so many species can benefit from […] Continue reading "Adding Winter Habitat"

Winter Sowing Workshop with Vinaya Frank

by Marian Marbury ✎ USDA Definition: Winter sowing is a propagation method used throughout the winter, where temperate climate seeds are sown into vented containers and placed outdoors to foster naturally timed, high percentage germination of climate-tolerant seedlings. On a cold and rainy Saturday morning, 38 hearty native plant enthusiasts found their way to Valley […] Continue reading "Winter Sowing Workshop with Vinaya Frank"

How Swamp Milkweed benefits a variety of pollinators

by Anne Gneo ✎ DURING THE SUMMER OF 2023, observing the diversity of life taking advantage of the resources provided by Asclepias incarnata (swamp milkweed) became a daily activity. Every day brought new discoveries. The swamp milkweed emerged as the weather warmed in spring, continuing to grow to 4-5 feet and blooming in mid-June. The […] Continue reading "How Swamp Milkweed benefits a variety of pollinators"